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As leading suppliers of pharmaceutical products, Healthcare-meds provides legal medications online with a range of quality drugs products for sale in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Europe, AU, ASIA. Our products have been well tested and available in sealed vacuum plastics packaged and all ready for sale and delivery at our shop

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PillPack also sends a monthly medication list detailing all your meds and their pertinent doses, along with colorful images of each to help you tell them apart. 

  • PillPack also offers an app for IOS users where you can set reminders based on your packet times, request new meds, make changes to your orders, and access your full medication list. You can talk to pharmacists and customer representatives via email or chat through your PillPack web account. 

PillPack, which emerged as a startup in 2013 and was subsequently bought by Amazon in 2018, has become a household name in the world of mail-order pharmacies. 

Like TruePill, PillPack also offers innovative containers for their medication—instead of packaging each in individual bottles, they provide packets that include the pills that should be taken together, clearly labeled with the names, dosages, and the time they should be taken. This can make it easier for those who have to take different pills throughout a day. It is also helpful for those with some degree of visual impairment, as the labeling is much easier to read than the traditional medication bottle.